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I’m so glad Sara has finally decided to accept her calling! I’ll never forget when she helped me organize my room when we were in high school. She didn’t miss a single detail. She even helped me move all the furniture around and went through every junk drawer I had and even my jewelry box! She taught me a better way to fold and store my t-shirts and helped me get rid of things I’d been holding onto. You will NOT be disappointed if you let her organize your space.
— Erica // Bowling Green, KY
Sara was instrumental in getting my space together after a rough break up. My home was cluttered, dusty, and I had lost motivation. We started in my bedroom; she moved all the furniture, dusted, vacuumed, cleaned the light fixture, helped me purge, listened to my needs, and offered helpful advice. After her visit I have kept my room clean and have gotten the rest of my house straightened out. I recommend her highly and will definitely use her service again.
— Claudia // Bowling Green, KY
I would highly recommend Neat Relief for any organizing/decluttering job you don’t want to tackle by yourself!! Sara Fort is amazing at what she does. Efficient, organized, professional, and such a kind heart to work along side while helping you declutter/destress your home. She gets excited about the victories just as much as the client, if not more!! Her passion shows from beginning to end. I asked for help for one specific area in my home and what do you know I had her come back for several more problem areas!! Each area she helped me organize in a way that made sense for my family AND it helped me keep it clean because it just made sense where everything should go. If you are on the fence about hiring her, just do it! I promise you will not be disappointed. She helped with my daughters closet which we always had trouble keeping clean because it wasn’t organized and she had so much stuff. Together, with my daughter, Sara helped us make sense of the closet. I’m proud to say it is still like it was the day she left it!
— Cassie // Owensboro, KY
Sara has come for two sessions in my home, and the difference in those two rooms is incredible. The idea of hiring a stranger to help organize my home was difficult until I met her. Sara has a natural gift for organization which she has honed beautifully. Perhaps most importantly, Sara has a gift for people. Not once have I felt judged or embarrassed working with her. It can be a stressful process, but she is guiding me through it! I’m thrilled that I chose to invest in this service and I can’t wait to see what we accomplish in 2019!
— Jeni // Bowling Green, KY
Sara came into my home to help me with two overwhelming toys areas and I cannot rave enough about how awesome of an experience it was! The amount of toys and clutter was taking a toll on me because it seemed like an impossible task! Sara came in with an upbeat, motivational attitude and we accomplished so much!!! Her knowledge on tackling these seemingly impossible jobs and creating functional spaces showed all through the session! It is such a lighter feeling to get rid of things that no longer interested the kids and to organize the toys they do love in such a functional way. Now they can actually play! I can’t wait to have her back again!!
— Jaclyn // Owensboro, KY
I love love love this sweet lady!!! She has the best ju-ju!!!! I haven’t worked with her personally, but I have seen firsthand how much she can transform a place! She has been working with some very close people to me and the change is AmaZiiiing!!!!! I look forward to spending time with her in my home very soon!!!!
— Maryl // Hopkinsville
I can’t even BEGIN to explain just how much Sara helped me. Not just during the visit she made to my house, but also by the things she taught me. Knowing how to purge is no longer overwhelming. I’m not suffocating with anxiety every time I walk into my house. She transformed one room and now I’m transforming my home ❤️ Every day I spend a little time applying the knowledge she gave me and I’m blown away at how truly simple she made the process for me!!! YOU NEED HER IN YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!
— Kara // New Albany, IN
When you hire Sara, you aren’t just getting an incredibly efficient hard worker who will transform the messiest of rooms. She will analyze your space to make sure it is being utilized to its full potential. Sara is kind and not judgmental whatsoever of even the most awful of messes. Learning from Sara’s wealth of knowledge and experience how to best organize and maintain the organization will change your everyday life. Sara has personally done magic on my working and living spaces, and I can definitely say that she is worth every penny and then some. If you have a room that makes you shudder when you think of it, you need Neat Relief. I have never seen anyone work as hard as this gal. She truly has a passion for helping others live a more stress free life.
— Mary Katherine // Owensboro, KY
Neat Relief truly changed my life. I was in a very bad mental place in my life and needed something uplifting. Even though we had not kept in close communication in recent years, Sara has been a dear friend of mine for quite some time. I knew that she had this business and I decided to reach out to her. I knew she was someone I could trust and allow into the depths of my home that, quite frankly, I had let get out of hand. I called her to come help me clean out my closet and purge some clothes. What started as a simple closet overhaul literally turned into a transformation of my entire home. We organized every drawer, every closet, every cabinet and every little thing in between. Now, when I say ‘everything has a place’, I mean that. She also taught me about upkeep. Just putting a small amount of time into tidying up daily so it never gets to the shape it was in again. If you don’t know Sara, you will adore her quirky personality and fun-loving humor. Although I do know her, I have to say, her knowledge of organization was impressive. She has an eye for things that most people don’t. It’s amazing how her suggestions of maneuvering a few small items can open your home up and make it the humble abode that everyone deserves. Allowing Neat Relief, and Sara’s sweet spirit, into my home was a game changer for not only my home but my mental well-being. My house now feels like the warm, welcoming home I have always yearned for.
— Melissa // Owensboro, KY
Sara has such a beautiful, pure soul. She immediately sets your mind at ease. She has a true passion for her work and it radiates from her! If you need to be grounded and to find your center through organization, Neat Relief is all you need and more! She truly has a unique gift as a chaos coordinator. I’m thankful to have worked with her on an office project and witnessed her talents! She’s truly a lifesaver!
— Sam // Bowling Green, KY
I can’t write a review when this deserves somewhat of a testimony: I have wasted so much time searching for ways to create a cozy but neat home. So thankful I went with Neat Relief before deciding to buy curtains, shoe organizers, coat racks, a bigger desk, more toy organizers, more baskets, or the Murphy bed that I just have to have because I need more space for the other things mentioned.
Once getting through the two rooms we worked on...I have plenty of space and need zero of the above items...well maybe curtains still. It wasn’t just the particular hangers she suggested, folding system that I didn’t think of, or her creativity.... it was also the fact that when I am alone I talk myself into keeping that shirt I haven’t worn in ten years. No more excuses that I need to wait until my old college roommate, mom, friend, sister or anyone willing to come over to help me decide what to sell, keep, or donate. No more listless nights with the husband spent asking his advice on what desk style we want and then, which room that styled desk will fit. (YES, the desk I don’t even need to buy thanks to Neat Relief).
I needed a better system. I developed bad habits in certain areas due to not taking the time I really needed to move into my home 2 years ago!!! And honestly, life is constantly changing and stuff collects. Then I realized.... she doesn’t have to be a one time service!!! 🙏🏼🤗
I would prefer to clean my toilet 50 times than to have conquered the project that Sara helped me conquer today! And I am looking forward to more sessions to assist with many other areas of my home.
You think you can do it yourself? I know, I could too. But I won’t. I know this because of the things Sara helped me do that I’ve put off for months .... or 10 years! And if I did actually have that self motivation to do it alone, it would take me 4 times that long. Two heads are always better than one.
So before you call a decorator or make a furniture purchase.... before you decide you need a bigger home... when you are moving or packing for a super long trip, or notice yourself buying yet another book with organizing tips or organizing your life until you call Neat Relief.
It will motivate you and SAVE you TIME and MONEY. Oh, even square footage of your home according to my daughter. ‘Mom, you made my room bigger.’ Sara helped me rid of the toys with duplicates, broken, with missing parts, or out grown. My daughter didn’t even notice things missing and was excited to find things that have been ‘lost’.
Thank you Sara, Neat Relief, for your unique talent! Thank you for saving room in my brain for the important things in life!!!
— Katie // Owensboro, KY